What Is Email marketing? It is the question that arises in every digital marketing Intern or Learner.

Hello Guys, Welcome to Digital Pavan, Here I am going to discuss all Email marketing.

Topics we cover in this article are:

  1. What is Email Marketing?
  2. What are the Best Marketing Tools We have
  3. How To Write Best Email

So, let’s know about each and Every question in details

What is Mean By Mail Marketing?

Email Marketing is the name itself that says the meaning, Promoting Business Using Email. If you observe in your mail you find some mails with a tag called “Ad” or if you are registered for any type of shopping sites you might have seen some kind of offer mails in your Mailbox.

So our next question is what the best Email Marketing tools we have are. We have plenty of marketing tools we have in the market but, there are only a few which give the best options and results. Let’s know about them.

Tools for Marketing Through Email

What Is Email Marketing
Email Marketing Tools

 The best tools I can give you here are

  1. Constant Contact
  2. Drip
  3. Send in Blue
  4. Get response
  5. Mail Chimp

These 5 tools are the best tools. Each one has its own way of paid versions and some free versions. I used Get Response and Mail Chimp for my business.

Let’s know about the 3rd question which is what the best way to write Email for business is.

There are certain rules to create best Email.

  • Create Best Info graphic Image
  • Try to insert best keywords In Image
  • Create attractive content in Body of mail using focus keywords
  • Make sure subject of the mail attract
  • Do not Use More Targeted words Like 50% off etc…
  • By Using more words like above can make your mail as spam 
  • Try to avoid sending many mails at a time, By sending many mails can make costumer uncomfortable
  •  Create Graphic Design Template To Attract Costumer.

These are the main and best way to create email template.

Above All make sure that customer is important and we should not lose them.

Thank You for reading.