What Is Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is Promoting Product or Service Using Digital Platforms.

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional Marketing is Promoting Product or Service Using Traditional Platforms.

Traditional Marketing Strategy :

  1. Pamphlets: Pamphlets are like an Advertisement on a Quality Paper. They include all Offers and Discounts they have on Their Product or Service. They Hire Some People to Distribute Those Pamphlets to the People Out Side of the School/College/Offices Etc…
  2. TV Advertisement: Advertising Their Product Using Celebrities by Shooting Creative Ad and Telecasting on TV.
  3. Newspaper: Using Creative Newspaper Ads Based On their Budget.
  4. Banners & Hoardings:  To Grab Costumers Attention they put Creative Hoardings Besides the roads and Placards, Banners on the roads Therefore They Get Costumers attraction.
  5. Customer Requirements: In Other Words  Reaching Customer and Knowing About What They Need and What are The Requirements They Have to Promote Business

Pros and Cons Of Traditional Marketing:


  • In Traditional Marketing We can reach out Local Audience Easily
  • Material Which Use for promotions Can be Recycled
  • We can Make Understand Our Strategy to Client Easily
  • Through Hard Copies, We can Recollect What We Did and When


  • Time Consuming
  • Lots Of Manpower
  • No Proper Tracking of Leads
  • More Budget With fewer Leads

However, there is More If we talk about them. So Now Let’s talk about Digital Marketing and How We Can Do Marketing Using Digital Platforms.

So Digital Marketing Is a Way Of Marketing Where We Can Target People Based On their Geography and Demography and Behavior Etc…

After 19th Century People Updated In All Of Their Daily Activities. What Changed In Our Daily Activities?

Let’s Take the Example Of Eating Habit. In the 19th Century, People Used to Eat At Time, They Used to Maintain a Time with Healthy Food. Then in the 20th Century What Changed?

In the 20th Century, We Started Using Digital Missions Such As Telephone, Electric Cocker, Digital TV, Laptop Etc. Time also Changed Instead Of Meeting Directly We started Video Calling, Instead Of Cooking We started Swigging. Their Marketing People Started Doing Digital Marketing.  Where We Do Digital Marketing?

  • If Suppose Client has Website and He Is Not Appearing In Search engine At First Page LikeWise First Place.
  • There We Do Search Engine Optimization Which is Optimizing Website to Get Rank in Search engine.
  • Optimization Is Doing little Changes In Websites like On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization
  • Thereafter We Do Digital Marketing Through Social Engaging Platforms
  • It’s Called Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platforms :

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn

There are more Social Media Platforms Where We can Do Marketing. In Social Media, We can Target People As I mentioned above Geographic and Demographics Similarly Behavior Using Ads. Certainly Now You Will Get another Question what is Ads?

In the Previous Article, I Talked About Social Media Marketing and Ads. There You Can Read About Social Media Marketing and Funnel Of Facebook Ads.

Digital Marketing Pros and Cons:


  • Target Selected Costumers
  • Invest As Per Need
  • Track Leads From Where, How We are getting
  • Get More Engagements
  • Quick Brand Awareness

However, Seriously Digital Marketing has No Cons except We Cannot Make Understand Quickly to the Costumer that What We are Doing. Data Saving may be the Problem Sometimes We may lose because of Virus, In Other Words, We may lose Data

But Thanks for Reading My Articles. In My Next Article, I will Talk about Google Ads and As Well As How to Run Campaign in Google Ads.  

Author: Pavankumar.S