what Is a Blog?

What Is a Blog? Most People Will ask this question. Hello Guys, Welcome to Digital Pavan.

I don’t make You Bore Here, without wasting any time lest get into the topic. Nowadays everyone looking to write a blog or do a vlog. But, before doing that do we know what a blog is and what is a vlog?

What Is A Blog and How to write?

A Blog consists of information. This means a blogger writes articles in those articles they give beautiful information. There are a lot of bloggers in the world but, few people are only getting success in blogging. Why? Why because they are just articles and publishing on their website but they might not follow the below rules and process.

Niche Research

Niche Means Your Idea of Interest. Before Starting Blogging You Need to Research what is Your Niche. In Which Topic You Can write Articles.


Creative Writing

While Writing Content you need to Be Very Creative. Before Writing Content Research On Websites In Which Topic You Want to Write.

Keyword Research

What is a Blog

Keywords are the main Intergradient in writing an article. The keyword is nothing but the query which people used to search for the required information.


Readability belongs to English, You need to write content which can be readable by any age group.

What is the difference between Blog and Vlog?

 A VLOG is Video Information Which Will Give by Vloggers.

  • They Give Information Through Video
  • Topic Be Like Electronic Gadgets Reviews
  • Location Guide Through Video
  • Training Courses
  • Everything will be in Vlogging But, Should Give Proper Content.

How to Write Perfect Blog in 5 Step

  •  Arrange your journal post by selecting a topic, making an outline, researching, and checking the facts.
  • Write a headline that is each informative and captivates readers’ attention.
  • Write your post, either by drafting in one session or by bit by bit writing words on bound components.
  •  Use pictures to strengthen your post, improve its flow, add humor, and make a case for advanced topics.
  •  Edit your journal post. notify avoid repetition, scan your post aloud to ascertain its flow, have someone else scan it and provide comments, keep sentences and paragraphs short, don’t be compulsive, don’t be afraid to cut text, or adapt your writing at the second.

However, try to become Blogger or Vlogger. Nowadays the Best earning way is these two.