What are Keywords? Keywords are nothing but Search term, whatever we search in Search Engine which is Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc… Those terms are called Keywords. Keyword plays major role in Digital marketing.

Whatever you take whether it is Search engine optimization (SEO) or Social Media optimization (SMO) or Those Marketing Which are Ads. Without Keyword Nothing will happen in Digital Marketing.

Types of Keywords:

  1. Short tail Keyword
  2. Long Tail Keyword
  3. LSI Keyword ( Latent Symantec Indexing )

Let’s talk about each of the Keywords and How to use and Where to us them.

Short tail Keyword:

Short tail keywords are single word search terms, Most of SEOs and Digital marketers avoid to use them because it will have huge competition and cannot rank easily by using them.

What are Keywords and Its Important
Short Tail Keyword

Long tail Keyword:

Most of the people use long tail keyword to search their query. Which is having more than two words are Long tail keywords. Even though having more competition on these keyword, every one use them to optimize their websites.

What are keywords By Digitalpavan
Long Tail Keyword

LSI (Latent Symantec Indexing):

Latent Symantec Indexing Keywords are more powerful Keyword. Which have more than three words. The meaning of LSI Keyword in Adding Words before and after of a keyword based on query. These keywords helps to get the information which we need very quick and useful.

What are keywords LSI Keyword
LSI keyword

Why Keywords are Important?

Without Keyword Website Or Webpage Or Any of the Ads Will not Get ranking in Search Engines and Social Media Platforms as well.Keyword Plays Major role in Digital marketing, whenever We Create a Website or Webpage We should give keyword to that, By giving keyword to them whenever people search for those queries our website will appear and we will get traffic to our website. Without keyword we cannot get ranking in search engines to our website or webpage.

Where We Use Keyword?

In SEO We use Keyword in 4 Main Places, and they are,

  1. Meta title
  2. Meta Description
  3. URL
  4. Content

These Places We use keyword in SEO. In Social Media and Search Engine Ads Also We use Keyword.