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Google Adwords The New Era Of Marketing, Lets Know it 👇👇👇

Hello, guys welcome to digital Pavan, we all know nowadays due to  COVID-19 as there is no chance of traditional marketing. But Do not worry Google introduced  Google India 6 years back.

so as it is the sixth year of Google India it is helping all over the world by providing digital India.

Wherefrom small scale business to large scale businesses can advertise their product or service in digital platforms

Using Google Adwords

Let’s know what is Google Ad Words, Google introduced this to advertise your product or service in digital platforms, Here the difference between traditional advertising and digital advertising is just a platform change.

The whole process is the same as we did in traditional marketing. Most importantly there are a lot of advantages we have in digital marketing comparatively traditional marketing.

Now let’s know how to advertise on digital platforms using Google Ad Words, there are seven types of ads Google Ad Words is providing us

each one contains different types of methods, different types of process with different types of outcomes.

let’s know each one now. The 6th Ad is Very Powerful and Useful, And the type of ADS are

6 Types Of Google Ads in Google Adwords

  • 1. Search ads
  • 2. Display ads
  • 3. Shopping ads
  • 4. Video Ads
  • 5. App ads
  • 6. Smart ads
  • 7. Discovery ads

Search Ads

Search ads are to reach customers With your product or service by showing text Ads, these ads you can see at Google search engines and its collaborated platforms.

Search Ads Google Adwords

Display Ads

Display ads are meant to reach across the web, by running different kinds of ads, These Ads are very effective and it is visible in webpages.

Display Ads Google Adwords

Shopping Ads

Shopping apps are to promote your product with images so that visitors can directly come to your website by clicking that ad, these kinds of ads you can see on search engines and websites.

Shopping Ads By Digital Pavan

Video Ads

Video ads are to reach and engage with our ads by using videos in YouTube and across the web for viewers. These types of ads you can see on YouTube and Video platforms which google partner with.

Videos Ads By Digital Pavan

App Ads

App ads are to make sure that customers download the apps, These Ads visible in Google Play and App within App and YouTube display ads and Search networks of Google.

App Ads Google Adwords

Smart Ads

Smart Ad is a recent Update, This is The New Generation of Ad Introduced by Google. This is based on Artificial Intelligence which means it gives you suggestions based on the previous campaigns .and it is fully automated, You Need Not Worry About BIdding and Budget, Etc..

Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads are for every platform of google partner, which through you can reach more people by placing ads on all platforms. Get more engagement across the web and it is visually rich and personalized with your brand awareness.

Discovery Ads By DigitalPavan

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