Type of Goals in Google Adwords
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Type of Goals In Adwords

Type of Goals Explanation with Example. Read Below 👇👇

Hello, Guys Welcome to Digital Pavan, We all know that COVID-19 Is here, without wasting time lets learn some useful topics .which leads us to get good results in this pandemic. Google introduced Google Ad words to promote our product or service. This is an ad platform where we can run campaigns to get costumers and to get growth to our business

Campaigns in the short Goal of our Business. Which all means whether you want to get Visitors, Leads, and Conversions Etc… There are six types of Goals we have in Google Ad words. Which through we can get good results. Let’s know about each and every one below

6 Type of Goals are

  1. Sales
  2. Leads
  3. Website Traffic
  4. Product and Brand Consideration
  5. Brand Awareness
  6. App Promotion
Type of Goals in Google Adwords

Therefore These are the type of Goals campaigns we have, so here what I am going to do is I will explain these with an example. The interesting thing here is I will go from 6th to 1st.Example: Just imagine you have developed an App and Website.

App Promotion

Firstly As you developed an App, Now you need to take this app into the Play store and I-Store. And you successfully placed your app so that people can now download and use it. But until and unless you promote the App you will get fewer downloads. To overcome this, You Need to Select the Goal as App Promotion in Type of Goals While running the campaign.

Brand Awareness

Now you have successfully getting many downloads for your application, but the name of your application is not going as you expected. To get brand awareness to you can select the type of campaign as Brand awareness. From this you will get good Brand Awareness. As people see the name wherever they go.

Product and Brand Consideration

As you are having good app downloads, but after few months people go for another application. To prevent this you can do product and brand consideration type of campaign. In this campaign type the best way to select the ad type as Video Ads. Reach out to some celebrity and Do Video Ad. For Example MPL.

Website Traffic

Having an app in the play store is not enough for business growth. Some will look into the website for example Redubs, They have both App and Websites. Same as in addition you created a good UI Website. But people should visit your website. There you can use this Website Traffic. That is to say, It is very useful and very effective


For Example, As you have Both App and websites, Now You want to send Offer Emails to Customers. By sending beautiful offers and promotions Mails With effective Email Template You Can get good Business. To do Email Marketing You need Leads, with this Type of Goals Campaign You can Get Leads for Your Business.


Finally by Doing All the above Campaign goals the Main and Effective type of campaign here. Which are Sales? Sales are nothing but your product or service consume by customers. To make sure that customers consume your product you have to go with the Sales Campaign.

However above all Types of Campaigns Explained in my way of examples. But you can relate to your business. Most importantly Every business Goal is to get profit and Brand Awareness. By using all the above campaigns you can achieve great results for your business.

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Pavan Kumar Samudrala

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