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Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing In Other Words marketing products or services using social media platforms. There are different types of social media platforms are there.

Type Of Social Media Marketing Channels :

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. Pinterest
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Google Plus

There are a lot more social media platforms available nowadays. By just using them we are connecting with people all over the world with few clicks. Digital Marketers take it as marketing platforms and they started marketing there product/Service using these Social Media.

Let’s talk about each of them how we can promote our business using them. For all social media marketing platforms which have ads. The process of running ads will be the same.

Facebook Marketing :

Facebook is a social media platform developed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. A few months people started using it and it hits the downloads all over the world. Because With Facebook, we can connect with everyone. how we can use this as a Marketing platform?

On Facebook, we do have our friends and they have there friends vice-verse. Moreover Facebook Have Limit For Friends. If you post something on Facebook it will reach all your friends Likewise it may reach all over the world based on your privacy settings. By seeing this Zukerberg introduced Facebook Ads which through you can post ads on Facebook.

So Now Let’s know how to create Ads

Using Social Media Marketing.

  • To-Do Facebook Ads First you should have Account in Facebook which is free
  • Facebook has a Limit For Friends
  • By creating a page for business you can reach more people
  • You can sell products by using the Facebook market place. It is a newly introduced option for business people.

Process :

  • Open Facebook Account
  • Go to Your Created Page
  • Below On The Left Hand Side, You Will See Visit Ad Centre
  • It Will Takes You to the Ad Centre Where You Can Create Ads For Your Business Page.
  • Click On Create Ad
  • Now Set Tracking Of Your Ad Through Pixel Which Is Tracking Tool Avail on Facebook.
  • All You Need to Do Is Click On Three Bars Beside Page Text
  • Download Pixels
  • After That Open Your Word Press Website and Login to Admin
  • In Plugins Upload Downloaded File
  • Click on Activate
  • Open Facebook Click on Pixel
  • Give Your Website URL
  • Active and Continue.

After that Process In Ads Manager Click on Create & Guided Creation. You can see Create Campaign Page. Select Campaign as per Your Goal 



  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Reach


  1. Traffic
  2. Engagement
  3. App Installs
  4. video views
  5. lead generation
  6. Messages


  1. Conversion
  2. Catalog Sales
  3. Store Traffic

So In This Article, I am going to talk about Lead Generation through Social Media Marketing.

After Selecting Lead Generation in the above Object in Facebook Ads The process Firstly

  • Give Your Campaign Name Which through You Can Track In Future

After That Creative Split.

  • A/B Test You Create Placement Audience and Delivery Optimization Strategy.

Click On Continue. Setup Ad Account


  • Select Your Country, Currency, Time,
  • Ad Account Set Name and Click On Continue

Choose Your Facebook Page which you want to run Ad for. After That Step Is

  • Dynamic Creative: It’s For Facebook It Scale As per Your Page
  • Catalog – Select Catalog If you have From Drop Down


Audiences Are Whom You Want to Target. There will be three Types of Audiences In Facebook Ads.

  1. Known Audience – Already Visited Your Page Or Searched For
  2. Custom – Custom File With Data
  3. Look Like Audience- Same Behavior Type People

Selected As Per Your Comfortable and Goal.

Detailed Targeting:

This IS to SayTargeting Costumes Based On For Example

  1. Demographic-
  2. Age.
  3. Gender.
  4. Race.
  5. Marital status.
  6. Number of children (if any)
  7. Occupation.
  8. Annual income.
  9. Education level, Etc……
  10. Interests
  11. Entertainment
  12. Business Industry
  13. Family Relations
  14. Fitness And Wellness
  15. Food
  16. Hobbies
  17. Shopping
  18. Fashion, Etc…….
  19. Behavior
  20. Digital Activities
  21. Device Users, Etc…..

You Can Exclude Or Narrow Audiences. Save Audiences.


Connections In Other words Targeting Based On Your Facebook Pages and Apps Like Wise Events.


Types In Placements.

  1. Automatic – Facebook Show Your Ads As Per Possibility.
  2. Edit – You Can Show Your Ad In these Places
  3. Facebook – In Facebook Timeline
  4. Instagram – In Insta
  5. Audience Network – Out Side Of Facebook
  6. Messenger – In Messenger
  7. Stories – In Stories
  8. In-stream – In Videos
  9. Contextual Spaces
  10. Apps and Sites.

Budget & Schedule:

  1. Optimization For Ad Delivery – Based On Selection
  2. Cost Control – Give the Amount Per Lead Or Conversion
  3. Budget Schedule – Daily Budget – ThereFore Give Amount How Much You Want to Spend
  4. Lifetime/Monthly Budget – Give Amount How Much You want to Spend
  5. Actual Amount Spend Per Day May Vary
  6. Run Ad Set Today
  7. Set Start And End Date
  1. Payment
  2. Delivery Type – In Other Words How You want To Show Deliver Ad – But I recommend Standard(Recommended)

After That Most Importantly Now Comes the Part of Ads Which Is Preparing Ad, let’s know About Is Step By Step

  • Identity – FB Page Like Wise Insta Page
  • Format:
  • Carousel – Two Or More Scrollable Images or Video
  • Single Image Or Video
  • Ad Creative:
  • Select Images
  • HeadLine
  • Description
  • Primary Text
  • Call To Action
  • Branded Content – Select Your Business Partner or Tag that Page
  • Instant Form:
  • Form Types – a) More Volume b) High Interact
  • Intro – a) Use Image b) Upload
  • Questions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Thank You Screen
  • Button type
  • Button Text
  • Website Link

After Completion Of All the above steps recheck the Ad and save and Continue.

By Above All Now You Successfully Learnt How to do Social Media Marketing Using Facebook Ads. In Addition Of This Article In Previous Articles, I talked about SEO Go through It Therefore You Can learn SEO    

Thanks for Reading My Articles, However, I Am Happy to Share My little Knowledge with You All. Share and Spread the Blog and Share the Knowledge.