Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks , Social Media Is One of the main part of digital marketing. With Social Media We can approach more people out there. For every business we need to create social media pages and groups to reach more people regarding our business. We have many platforms for social media those are,

Social Media Marketing Trips and tricks By Digital Pavan
  1. Facebook
  2. Insta
  3. Twitter
  4. Snap Chat
  5. TikTok
  6. YouTube
  7. Share chat
  8. Linkedin

Based on our business we have to choose the perfect platform. But having pages and accounts in all social media platforms can bring more visitors to our website/business. If we take Facebook, We can reach all over world through Facebook. All we need to do is create Facebook page and invite your friends to like your page and ask them to share. The main thing any social media page the content should be first priority.

In Every promoting process content plays main role. The content should be more attractable. Here I am giving some tips so that your business will grow up.

Social Media Marketing Tips-01

Create Social media page and upload page profile picture and cover photo of your product or service by using alt text.

Social Media Marketing Tips-02

Add your friends to those pages or groups so that they can reach to your business

Social Media Marketing Tip-03

Ask your friends to share those pages with their friends so that it can reach more people


Before sharing it to your friends or their friends, try to add some content to it by uploading photos with alt text


Create some pictographs and graphic images so that people can attract to it.


Create some videos about your product or service and upload with attractive description


Description and images plays main role in social media marketing. So create nice description


Use hashtags to your posts, Hashtags are one of the trick to get more people to your page or post. For hashtags you have some apps in mobile or you can use hashtag generator.


Hashtags are equal to keywords, People search using hashtags in social media, if we use good hashtags whenever people search for that our post or page will appear. This is called Social Media Optimization.

These are the main tips for social media marketing. However there are more tips and tricks.