Top 20 SEO Interview Questions. Hello readers, Welcome to Digitalpavan. Here I am going to give you the Interview questions for SEO. Which can bring you success in the interview Basically, if you are fresher most of the interviewers may ask questions based on your resume. Make sure you also practice your resume. This means preparing a resume as per your knowledge. So as per my knowledge, I am giving the below questions

Interview Questions for SEO. Which is the question asked by every student in the institute? From childhood, we used to get important questions for exams right. As we are habituated for that process we used to ask trainers about important questions for an interview.

In Digital Marketing There are Several Modules. Here I have given SEO Interview Questions. So Without wasting any time lets go to the questions directly.

SEO Interview Questions
SEO Interview Questions

SEO Interview Questions

  1. What Is SEO?
  2. Why SEO is Important?
  3. What are the types of SEO?
  4. Give some SEO Factors?
  5. What is the Meta title, Meta description?
  6. How many characters Meta title and description should have?
  7. What are Keywords and What Is Keyword Density?
  8. How Much Keyword Density Should Be?
  9. What is keyword proximity?
  10. Explain On-Page Optimization?
  11. Off-Page Optimization?
  12. Content Optimization?
  13. What Are Backlinks?
  14. Type of back Links Submissions?
  15. What is image optimization?
  16. URL Structure and How Many Characters it should have?
  17. W3c Validator?
  18. 301,302 redirection, how it is Useful?
  19. 404 Error Page, How it is useful?
  20. Domain and Hosting?
  21. What is SSL?
  22. What is mean by search, rich, and featured snippet?
  23. canonical tag?
  24. internal linking?
  25. robot.txt?
  26. sitemap?
  27. sandbox?
  28. Schema Mark-up?

Here I am giving you the answers for the above questions. In Easy and Simple Way.

What Is SEO?

  • SEO means (Search Engine Optimization).
  • SEO is to bring our website to the first page and first position on the Search Engine Results Page.

Why is SEO Important?

  • SEO is very important to get our website on top and not to lose our website ranking, so we need to do SEO.

What are types of SEO?

  1. On- Page Optimization.
  2. Off- Page Optimization.
  3. White hat SEO.
  4. Black hat SEO.
  5. Grey hat SEO.

Give some SEO Factors , Important SEO Interview Questions:

  1. URL Structure.
  2. Content Optimization.
  3. Meta Tags.
  4. Internal Linking.
  5. Site Map.
  6. Robot. Txt.
  7. Canonical Tag.
  8. Schema mark-up.
  9. 301, 302 Redirects.
  10. 404 error page.
  11. 500x errors.
  12. AMP.
  13. Bounce rate.
  14. CTR.
  15. Mobile Friendly.
  16. W3C Validator.
  17. SSL Certificate.
  18. Domain and Hosting.
  19. Sand Box.

What is the Meta title, Meta description?

  1. Meta Title: Meta Title is the brief note of a website or webpage.
  2. Meta Description: Meta Description is the short detail of a website or webpage.

How many characters Meta title and description should have:

  • The Meta title should contain 50 to 60 characters.
  • The Meta description should contain 150 characters.

What are Keywords and What Is Keyword Density?

  1. Keywords:
  2. Keywords means the search term which we use to search in the search engine.
  3.  Keyword Density:
  4. Keyword Density means the no.of keywords we used in the Article.

How Much Keyword Density Should Be?

  • The keyword density should be 2.5% of the total number of words.
  • Formula: Total No.of words/2.5%.

What is keyword proximity?

  • Keyword proximity means the distance between the keywords.
  • We should not use the keywords side by side.

What is On-Page Optimization?

  • On-Page Optimization means we do updates on our web page.

What Is Off-Page Optimization?

  • Off-Page Optimization means getting backlinks from other websites.

What Is Content Optimization?

  • Content Optimization means updating the previous content or replacing it with a new one on our website.

What Are Back links?

  • Backlink means getting visitors to our website from another website.

Type of back links Submissions:

  • We have 7 backlink submissions.
  • Directory Submission.
  • Form Submission.
  • Article Submission.
  • Local Citation.
  • Blog Commenting.
  • Web 2.0 Submission.
  • Guest Posting.

What is image optimization?

  • Image Optimization means updating the image by removing the previous image and replacing it with a new one or giving an alt text name to the previous image.
  • We can say it as alt + text.

What is URL Structure and How Many Characters it should have?

  • URL means Uniform Resource Location we also say it as a website or webpage link.
  • The words should be divided by using” _ “not “-”. 
  • The URL should contain the focus keyword.
  • The URL should contain 150 characters.

What Is W3c Validator?

  • W3c Validator is used to check the errors of the website code.

What is 301,302 redirection, how useful is it:

  1. 301 redirection:
  2. It is used when the webpage is moved permanently to another webpage.
  3. 302 redirection:
  4. It is used when the webpage is moved temporarily to another webpage.
  • These both are useful for not losing the visitors.
  • But mostly 301 redirection is used, not 302.

What is 404 Error Page, How is it useful:

  • 404 error page is visible when the website or webpage URL is typed wrong and if the website or webpage is banned.
  • It is useful to tell the visitors that they typed the wrong URL so that they will type the URL again and we will not lose the visitors.

Domain and Hosting?

  • Domain: Domain means our business name with the operator.
  • Operators means .com, .org, .in etc. we have n no.of operators.
  • We have different domain providers they are:
  • GoDaddy.
  • Google domains.
  • Name cheap.
  • Big rock.

     2.   Hosting:

  • Hosting is to provide storage to our website.
  • By this we can store the details of our business, products.
  • We have different hosting providers they are:
  • Go daddy.
  • Blue host.
  • Hostinger.
  • Hostgator.
  • Reform hosting.

What is SSL?

  • SSL means Secured Socket Layer, this for our website security.
  • By this we get protection for not getting hacked from the hackers.

What is meant by search, rich, and featured snippet:

  • In search engines when we search something we can Search Engine Results.
  • The websites with URL, Title, and Description are called as search snippets.
  • The websites with URL, Title, Description, and Rating are called rich Snippets.
  • Feature Snippet means the list of questions with answers which we searched for.

Canonical Tag?

  • Canonical Tag is an html code which helps the webmaster to prevent copy content issues.

Internal linking?

  • Linking a webpage in another web page of our website is internal linking.


  • Robot.txt can also be said to be a robot which is a text file that tells which page should be crawled on our website.


  • Sitemap is a navigation of the website for Bot.
  • In sitemap we have two types.
  • Sitemap.xml: this is for Bots.
  • Sitemap.html: this is for users.


  • Sandbox is like a recycle bin in which the banned websites or web pages are stored for a certain period.

Schema Mark-up?

  • Schema mark-up is a code which we insert in the website code, so it helps the search engines give more informative results for the user.

Bounce Rate?

  • Bounce Rate is the term that was mostly seen in google analytics.
  • By this, we can know the percentage of visitors are reading our website and how many are exiting at the entry point.

These are the Best and Top SEO Interview Questions Which I can give. There may be more questions But, These are the question most will be asked by Interviewer. All The Best Guys. Hope It’s Helpful To You.