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Search Engine Optimization Process

Hi readers, I am Pavankumar back again with New Article. As I Said in the previous article that I will talk about Search engine optimization Process in my next article, Here we go.

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization :

It is nothing but optimizing our website on the first page at first position in search engines. Optimization means changing the factors of the Search engine by following its rules and Applying techniques.

What are the types of Search Engines?

There are many search engines available in our world but most of the people in India or other countries use

  1. Google
  2. Bing
  3. Yahoo

These search engines are having some rules and regulations to follow while we post on our website.

There are two  Modules in  Search engine optimization Process

  1. On-Page Optimization
  2. Off-Page Optimization

Let’s talk about On-Page optimization and its factors today.

What is On-Page Optimization?

On-Page optimization is nothing but using SEO factors in the inside of our website

SEO On-Page :

  • To implement On-Page optimization it should only for landing pages and remaining pages
  • It means you have to work with landing pages
  • In terms of Search Engine Optimization, the landing page URL should have some structure and rules to follow, Let’s know about them.

URL Structure For Search Engine Optimization Process :

  • When you create a landing page, Insert relevant or most popular or important keyword in the URL
  • To separate the words in the URL of your website Use “-“ and do not use “_”
  • When you create URL do not use so many categories
  • Example : of the web marketing
  • As per Search engine optimization use category 1 or 2 times
  • Url should not contain any special characters and numbers
  • Example: Url/$/2
  • Google saying your URL should be short Ex: 150Char
URL Structure

In your interview HR may ask you this question.

After URL now Meta tag optimization comes in picture.

Meta tags optimization :

There are 4 types of meta tags are there in Meta tag optimization

  1. Meta Title
  2. Meta Description
  3. Meta Keyword
  4. Meta Robot

Let’s talk about four of them now.

Meta Title :

  • The meta title is the title of your website landing page which will appear when some search in search engine
  • In meta title make sure you insert a keyword
  • Insert a relavent keyword
  • Don’t do keyword stuffing, it means do not insert the same keywords in the same paragraph multiple times.
  • Start your title with a keyword
  • The title should be 60-70 characters
  • Use brand name if you don’t have a chance to fill 60-70 characters, use the brand name in the end.
Meta Title

Meta Description :

  • Meta tag Description is nothing but a short description of your website/landing page.
  • Meta tag description should be 300 characters only
  • Insert keywords use other keywords, do not use title keyword
  • The description will increase clicks and CTR.
  • CTR means Click-through rate
  • The formulae to calculate Ctr is
  •  No.of Clicks/No of impressions*100
  • If ctr low people viewed but not clicked
  • If CTR is high people viewed and clicked
  • As we said in Meta title, Keyword stuffing not allowed in here also
Meta Description

Keywords :

  • Meta keywords mean inserting more keywords in Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • To implement this Meta tags you should install a plugin called “Yoast SEO” in WordPress.
  • Once you install, it will attach to all landing pages
  • In that Yoast SEO edit snippet section to give meta tags on each and every landing page.

Now in search engine optimization after Meta tags, Content optimization will come into the picture. We already discussed content optimization in our previous Article, Please check there.

Let’s talk about internal linking

Internal  Linking :

By giving Internal linking your page will come in 1st position

  • But it should be relevant linking belongs to the page/content.

Now Image optimization will come into the picture

Image optimization:

Image optimization is nothing but giving alter the text to the image

  • Write the keyword while saving the file
  • Whenever you upload a file, the file name should be keyword
  • We call it as Image optimization( Alt+Text, filename)

Robots :

  • Meta robots are nothing but giving information/instructions to the bots (Spiders).
  • What are Bots, Bots are also called Spiders, it works in google search engine whenever you type something in the search bar, this bot will scan all websites which are having the information of your search word and It will bring those websites in search engine results page
  • In meta robots, there are 2 types of instruction we can give
  • Index
  •  Follow
  • No-Index
  • No follow
  • Giving index instruction is says that please show our website also in SERP when someone searches for the content we have.
  • If we give no index then we do not want to show that page in SERP
  •   Giving Follow instruction is says that read all of my pages and save
  • Giving no follow says that you do not read that page.

By using all the above information, I am giving some interview questions which can help you in the interview.

  1. URL Structure
  2. Internal linking
  3. Image and Content optimization
  4. Type of meta tags and explain

Read and get knowledge. All the above Thank you for each and everyone who is reading articles.

In the next article, I will talk about some more factors and techniques of Search Engine Optimization

Author: Pavankumar

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