Hi readers, I am your Digital Pavan back again with the article, Previously we were talking about Search Engine Optimization and We done with two parts. Now I am here again with another part of On-page Optimization. Let’s know about it.

In On-page Optimization Schema Markup is one of the techniques for optimizing your website.

What is Schema Markup in On-page Optimization?

Schema Markup is nothing but giving reviews and ratings to snippet our website from our website. And it’s a set of code which should be implemented to the website. By clicks, we can increase CTR (click-through rate ).

Schema markup search engine optimization

Let’s know about how to implement this Schema Markup in On-page Optimization. To do schema markup go to schema.org. This website is to get the code

Follow the below steps to do Schema Markup

  • Schmea.org
  • Click on Schemas
  • Click on Review
  • Go down on the page
  • Click on Example-01
  • Select Jason-Ld
  • Copy the code from Beginning to End
  • Paste in a word document or note pad
  • Now you have to edit a few details
  • Edit rating value
  • In value do not put the 5-star rating
  • Edit review count based on your website age
  • Give more than 1000
  • Edit description
  • Give your product or service details.
  • Edit name
  • Give the name of your product or service
  • Edit image name, give p/s name
  • Give price and price currency
  • Edit author-name
  • Edit date
  • Review in description
  • Edit both best and worst rating value
  • After doing above all Copy the code
  • Go to your website dashboard
  • Follow the below steps
  • Click on appearance
  • editor
  • Click on header.php
  • Paste the code under the body section after PHP
  • Now click on update the file

To check the schema code go-to tool called structured data testing tool by google

There put your URL and run test, if the product shows zero errors then the code is good. After 3 days rating will show in your rating for the website on google.

You can do it in two ways

  1. Schmea.org
  2. WordPress plugin

Now let’s learn about Keywords research for On-page Optimization

What is Keyword?

A keyword is which we type in search engines search bar to get information about what we need.

Keywords are 3 types

  1. Long-tail keyword
  2. Short tail keyword
  3. Latent Symantec Indexing keywords (LSI)

Long-tail keywords: Having more than 3 words is the Longtails keyword. It is a keyword which we use when we need something on a particular product or service for example “Search Engine Optimization Course “

Short tail Keyword: Having one or two words is the keyword. it is also called a generic keyword. For example “Seo”

LSI Keyword: We use this type of keyword often in our day to day life. It is nothing but adding words before and after the keyword as we need. For example “Best Search Engine Optimization Course Hyderabad”

To do keyword research we have some tools called

  1. Google keyword research tool which will be avail in Google Adwords
  2. Uber suggest
  3. Google auto-suggest

Let’s know about them how to use and how it works in On-page optimization

Google Adwords: In Google Adwords in tool section we can find keyword research tool

Follow the below steps to do

  • Search google ads keyword planner
  • Click on a first organic result
  • Sign up with your Gmail id
  • Click on skip guide
  • Details page
  • Enter details
  • Login
  • Now go to tools
  • Planning
  • Keyword planner
  • Find keyword
  • Download keyword
  • Create another excel sheet
  • Select keywords
  • Go for a relevant keyword
  • Pickup keywords based in high search volume
  • Long or short

To check Google ranking

  • Delete history
  • Search for a keyword in Google
  • Check on which page your website ranked
  • Per page 10 organic results will be there.
  • To know by tools
  • Add an extension called SERP trends to chrome search engine
  • SERP means Search Engine results page
  • After adding go to settings in Google SERP
  • Increase results per page
  • Save

How to select a keyword?

  • Keyword Should be relevant
  • Make sure it should be longtails
  • Keyword should be having high search volume

What is Google auto-suggest?

  • Whenever you type keyword google provides auto-suggest that people searching frequency.
  • Search and grab the relevant keywords while searching in the google search bar.
google auto suggest for search engine optimization

Uber suggests:

Ubersuggest is a tool from World’s most experienced and best digital marketer “Niel Patel”. He is providing keyword research tools as well as search engine optimization audits and more.

Let’s know what and all we learned about Seo On-page Optimization factors and techniques.

  1. Check website service or product
  2. Keyword research
  3. Select a keyword and save in Excel sheet and check the ranking by using keyword with SERP trends by changing settings in chrome SERP to 100.
  4. Keyword types
  5. Check all landing pages URL structure by auditing whether URL structure followed rules or not
  6. Meta tags optimization
  7. Meta Title, description, keyword, robot by using Yoast SEO tool
  8. Check content plagiarism which means check for duplicate content for all landing pages
  9. Check plagiarism by Duplichecker or Copyscape
  10. Heading optimization
  11. Image optimization
  12. Internal linking
  13. Sitemap, robot.txt,
  14. Schema markup

These are the On-page optimization factors and process for Search Engine Optimization.

We learned about On-page optimization. In the next article, we will discuss Off-Page optimization factors for Search Engine Optimization and I will provide some interview questions for both on-page optimization and Off-page optimization. Above all thanks for each and every reader for reading my articles and support. I will share all my knowledge with you all. Let’s share and swim in the digital world by digitalpavan.