Hi readers, I am Your Digitalpavan back again with a new article from Search Engine Optimization. In our previous article, we talked about all the possible ways and factors of On-page optimization. In this article, we will discuss Off-page optimization.

Getting back-links and guest blogging called Off-page optimization. Getting back-links which means people should come to your website from other website is called back-link.

Rules to Follow for Off-Page Optimization

  • A link which receiving it should be a relevant category
  • Wherever you are getting the link, that web site should have high-authority
  • Penguin Algorithm says if you bring backlink from low authority website, then your website also will get low authority
  • There will be Do-follow and No-follow websites, you should bring link from Do-follow then only you will get back-link and your website optimize.

There are 12 Methods to get back-links in Off-Page optimization

  1. Search Engine Submission
  2. Directory Submission
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Classifieds
  5. Web 2.0 Submission
  6. Blog Commenting
  7. Forum Submission
  8. Article Submission
  9. Press Release Submission
  10. PDF Submission
  11. Image Sharing
  12. Video Submission

These are the 12 off-page optimization Back-link Methods to get optimize in Search Engine. Let’s Discuss 5 of them how to do submissions and how to get links.

Search Engine Submission

Off-page optimization by DigitalPavan
Search Engine Submission XL Sheet
  • To work on Off-page optimization and if you have no data
  • Take XL-Sheet
  • Give the Details As Shown in Above.
  • Go to google and search for Search Engine Submission Site List
  • Search Engine Submission means Submit URL to Search Engine saying that consider my website and index
  • Copy the links from the list and paste in browser
  • Search as Google in Search Console
  • Paste URL and Fetch
  • This is for a new website
  • If it is the old website do not go for SES. Go only when if any page not indexed then you go for Search Engine Submission
  • In Company they will provide G-mail account
  • In drive only you maintain all details so that every one of your team can see.

Directory Submission for Off-Page Optimization

Off-page optimization by digitalpavan
Directory submission XL sheet
  • Take a new document or folder in drive
  • In the folder create a google sheet
  • Name the sheet
  • Sheet-1 rename as Directory submission
  • Create headings as shown Above.
  • Copy the website lists where you are submitting URL to get backlinks.
  • Check the rules before submitting
  • Open the Submitting link
  • Select Category
  • Select the Subcategory
  • Click on submit a link
  • Fill the form
  • Select the second option
  • Give title and keyword which are in your website landing page
  • Copy the landing page URL and paste
  • Same for description
  • Same for meta description and keyword
  • Fill the required details
  • And click on continue.

You can check how many back-links you got from Google Search Console.

  • Go to search for traffic and go to the link to your website
  • You can check how many links you got
  • You can only submit one time in one website. With one landing page. You can submit another landing page on the same website
  • Daily you have to post 50 websites only
  • If more than 50 per day google consider as spam and it will block.

Social Bookmarking for Off-page Optimization

Off-page optimization by Digitalpavan
Social Bookmarking XL sheet
  • Create XL-Sheet as shown Above
  • Whatever bookmarks you save in website. You can and other people from your team also can see.
  • Most of the Search Engine Optimization people will save this to get traffic and ranking in social bookmarking websites.
  • Social bookmarking websites not developed for SEO
  • Find Social bookmarking websites
  • Filter websites based on guidelines
  • 1. Relevant category
  • 2. High authority websites by Alexa
  • Register with that website
  • Submit your URL
  • Before submitting fill XL sheet with required details
  • Take destination URL for reference
  • Per day post only 50 links
  • If you post on the same website continuously on the same website even with different landing page they may think its spam website
  • It will take 2years to expire


Off-page optimization by Digitalpavan
Classified XL sheet
  • Create an XL sheet as shown Above
  • Classifieds are very powerful it will boost your website as per Off-page optimization
  • Only you have to post in Indian classifieds if you are working for Indian Clients
  • If you are working with another country website you should post only that particular country classified websites.
  • To do the process
  • Find classified websites
  • Find the relevant category and country
  • Click on post your ad
  • Select the state and city
  • Give the title and keyword
  • Give description with landing page URL
  • Phone number it’s optional
  • Fill the required details
  • And publish
  • The above process may not the same for websites you select
  • Within 3 months, your post will go, you should keep on posting

Web 2.o Submission

Web 2.0 XL Sheet by Digitalpavan
Web 2.0 XL sheet
  • Create an XL sheet as Shown Above
  • Web 2.o is nothing but blogs
  • There are free blogs and paid blogs you can create
  •  1. Blogger
  •  2. WordPress
  •  3. Wix
  • If you use them for free the link looks like your domain name/blogger or WordPress or Wix
  • If you buy domain its looks like domain name/.in or .com and many more
  • Guidelines for web2.o is an article which you post in your blog should not be the same for the website. If you do plugger will take place

In my next article, I will discuss other submissions Thank you, readers, for reading my articles and hope you are getting knowledge and you are sharing knowledge. Keep Supporting we will discuss all Digital Education with Me Digitalpavan

Author : Pavankumar ( DigitalPavan )