Hi readers, I am Pavankumar back again with a new article. In our previous article, we discussed Off-Page Optimization For SEO and Back-Link Submissions. In that, we have 7 more to talk about. Let’s learn them.

we learned about below submissions.

  1. Search Engine Submissions
  2. Directory Submissions
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Classifieds
  5. Web 2.0 Submission

Let’s talk about the remaining submissions. Those are

  1. Blog Commenting
  2. Forum Submission
  3. Article Submission
  4. Press Release Submission
  5. PDF Submission
  6. Image Sharing
  7. Video Submission

Blog Commenting for Off-Page Optimization:

Blog Commenting is nothing but commenting on Blog websites with Our Website and Landing page URLs using hyperlinks. We should Comment in only Do follow Websites so that we can get a backlink. If you Comment No Follow Websites then you will not get the Back-Link. To do Blog commenting you have to maintain below XL sheet so that you can track them accordingly which is where you Posted and Which landing page URL you have given and etc..

  • Prepare at least 50 Effective comments based on Your Product or Service saying about them.
  • Choose a relevant category to comment
  • Give HyperLink into the Content so that visitors can come to your website
  •  You can Search relevant blogs using below method
  • In search bar type Category: leave a comment
  • In Category Give your requited Category name
  • For Example Digital Marketing: Leave a Comment
  • In some Blogs, they will not provide a hyperlink option to give.
  • If you get such type of issues go to another blog to comment
  • You can still Comment even without hyperlink option, But I suggest to go for another blog to comment instead of doing that.
  • Sometimes Blog Owners have to approve your comments.

Article Submission for Off-Page Optimization:

Article Submission is nothing but submitting articles in article submissions sites with effective content. To do this submission you need a good article with keywords inserted and more words with effective writing. There are some rules to follow while preparing an article.

How to prepare an article?

  • Article Title – 150 to 160 Characters
  • Short  Description – 150 to 200 words
  • Use keywords but do not allow keyword stuffing
  • Body of Content – 500 words minimum
  • About Author – 200 Words

 For article submission, you need to follow them to get back-link from article sites. Register to article site websites and submit your article in it. If you have 50 article sites then those 50 articles sites are for a lifetime. Weekly one article is preferred.

Article submission for Off-Page Optimization by digitalpavan

Forum Submission for Off-Page Optimization:

Forum is nothing but discussion forum, You need to find forum sites For Instance Quora, Yahoo, Worrier, etc… You just need to sign on those websites and give answers and discuss related to your product or service or blog by giving links to your website. By doing this you can get traffic to your website. Give answers effectively and attract them with your answer, use good content. Use the XL sheet to track about which site you have answered and which landing page and which details used for logging in.

Forum Submission site for Off-page Optimization by Digitalpavan

Press Release Submission for Off-Page Optimization:

A press release is nothing but announcements, all you have to do is find press release websites and login to those websites and post the press release. Press releases are like which product or service you are releasing or which offer you are going to release etc… Use the XL sheet to track which post and which website and which login details you have used so that you can get to know how many back-links you are getting and as well as on which date you have posted. 50 Press release websites you should maintain and weekly One PR for one website after that go for another.

There is a Format to write Press Release

  • Headline / Title – 150-160Characters
  • Short Description – 200 Characters
  • Body of Content   – 200-300 Words

To Post Press Release Submissions you need to follow to above format so that you will get good traffic and back-links to your website.

PDF Submission for Off-Page Optimization:

PDF submission is nothing but Creating Effective content and saving as PDF and Uploading it in submission sites. These are very effective and powerful also best practice Off-Page OPtimization for SEO.  All you have to do is Create PPT or Slide share Using good content with keywords and you can add images by using at text and Give your website hyperlink which you want reader/costumer land, save that PPT as PDF and Post it in PDF submission sites by logging in. Moreover, you just need to find 15 best do follow PDF submission Sites. In Slide, share go to account setting =>in personal details => Enter your Website URL. By this, you will get one backlink. Use the XL sheet to track.

Image Sharing:

Image Sharing is the one more effective Off-Page Optimization for SEO All you need to do in this image sharing is find Image sharing websites such as Tumblr and Sign up in those websites and post images and required keyword with a link by selecting a keyword from description and post. Use the XL sheet to track.

Image Sharing for Off-Page Optimization by digitalpavan


All you need to do is find Video sharing websites such as YouTube and create quality content in those videos about your product or services and upload. In the description give information about your website what and all you provide which based on product or service and give brief about them and Use keywords in the description as well as in tags and upload. in addition, use the XL sheet to track.

So readers in conclusion now we have completed Off-Page optimization and Submissions to get back-links. If you are new here go to my previous articles to know about remaining submissions. Similarly, In my next article, I will talk about some more on On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

However, above all thank you for each and everyone for reading and following my article. importantly My motto of writing blog is to share my knowledge with you all. So, therefore, guys get the knowledge and share the knowledge.

Author: Pavankumar.S