This Article refers How To Upload Videos In YouTube . In Digital Marketing YouTube is also one of the main tool. From YouTube You can get more leads by just uploading videos.  But while uploading videos you have to maintain some digital marketing search engine optimization strategies like keywords, title, and description.

YouTube is for videos marketing, Through YouTube we can get revenue. Previously YouTube was giving revenue based on Views of Videos. But it changed recently saying that to monetize your channel you need to get 1000 Subscribers and 4000Hrs watch time then they will monetize channel and give you revenue.

How to Upload Videos in YouTube?

  1. Choose Best name For Your YouTube Channel
  2. Create Nice Logo For Channel
  3. Think about Productive Content Which Should be useful for Viewers

After collecting all information open your YouTube channel.

There are some rules & Tricks to follow while uploading Videos in Channel, They are

  • Choose Best Name for Video based on your content, there are Some Tools which through you can find best keywords. To know about keywords go to my article.
  • Second it will ask about your content whether the content belongs to Kids or not. It is a recent update from YouTube, If it is based on Kids content then you won’t get any ads in those videos after monetization.
  • Third it will ask to give tags, which is keywords, Keywords is nothing but the words we search more in search Engines. Give good keywords so that your video will get good SEO.
  • If you verify your mail, YouTube will give you option called Upload Custom Thumbnail Which through you can upload your own thumbnail.
  • In the recent update of YouTube You can upload Starting & End card to your video.
  • After completing these steps you will redirect to publish page which is you can set time, preferences which is to whom you want to show your video.
  • Now click on Publish Your Video Uploaded Successfully, from there you can share in your social media platforms.

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