Google my business is one of the Platforms provided by Google to grow our business in the digital world. By using google my business you can reach more people and there are lot more it has to grow business.

It is useful for people who have Local store and want to get business through online sources.

Whenever people search for Keyword based on your business your business will appear in the Map results. Like Shown Below

Google My Business

What are the Uses of Google My Business?

  1. Engage With customers
  2. Highlight your Business
  3. Insights
  4. Build trust

Engagement with Customers

When you have account in Google My Business, there you can engage with customers with questions and answers and messages even.

Highlight your Business

Even in My business also we have something called Local SEO by doing SEO for our Business we can highlight our business. So that people can easily reach us whenever they search for our business related keywords.


In Google My Business you can get the Insights of your customers, how many people visited your website, how many calls you got and also you can see the Pin code so that you can target those locations for Ads.

Build Trust with Google My Business

Name itself saying the meaning of the title, when people used and liked your service. They can give review and rating for your business so that the other people who are looking for service which you have can get the good impression by seeing the ratings and reviews.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online reputation is nothing but maintaining the value of our business in online platforms, as I mentioned Build Trust above, our competitors may bring some problem to our business by giving Negative reviews and ratings.

By doing this you might lose your customers, the immediate reaction you should take is, you have to reply to the review by asking what kind of service they took from you.

If they took any service from you if it’s mistaken by you apologies and offer something better from you. If not reply normally which shows they want to spoil your reputation.

Get My Business and Increase your Business in Online.