Google algorithms

What are the algorithms we have? In digital marketing there is something called Algorithms? Not only in Digital marketing, in everything there will be some algorithms. Algorithms is nothing but giving some instructions to the users about the software or system or search engines such as Google Algorithms, Bing Algorithms, Yahoo Algorithms.

These are called search engine algorithms.In this article I will discuss about google algorithms. As we know most of the people use google search engine for browsing internet. As a Website Developer or Content Writer or a Digital Marketer we need to know about those algorithms. What are the Google Algorithms we have?

I know major Algorithms which I am going to mention here.

  1. Google Panda
  2. Penguin
  3. Pigeon
  4. Exact Match Domain
  5. Humming Bird

Google panda

Google algorithm panda by digital pavan

Panda Is the One of the Google Algorithm introduced by google for content purpose. This algorithm check the content of a website or blog whether it is in appropriate or copied. Which means when we create content that could should be very unique. It should not have any type of pluggersim. If your website having any pluggersim it will penalize your website and it will give you notification saying that change the content as per the panda guidelines.

Penguin Algorithm

Penguin algorithm by digital pavan

Penguin algorithm is the one of the google algorithm for back links which means its belongs to off-page optimization. This algorithm says you should bring back links from relevant websites with high authority also you should not bring back links by sharing process. If you bring back links from low authority or from irrelevant websites this algorithm will block and reduce your ranking.

Pigeon Algorithm

pigeon algorithm by digital pavan

This google algorithm it’s All about Local results in search engine. It will show nearby or location based websites. For example if you search plumbers near me it will show particular location website. Whenever you search any query, it will give nearby websites on the top of the search engine result page. Based on the location listed in your profile. To get results in location you have to be in local listing such as google my business, OLX, Just dial. This Algorithm check whether your profile is having proper location or not and whether you have implemented all the rule and regulation given by search engine or not.

Exact Match Domain

Previously google considering keyword in domain. If you have keyword in your URl it was giving ranking to your website. Then they realized, if they have no matter but if website not having any content belongs to it. It says if you use EMD in your domain, We will give ranking but we will check whether the content belongs to the given keyword or not then only google will give ranking. If not your ranking will go down.

Humming Bird

humming bird algorithm by digital pavan

This google algorithm is for featured snippet. Whenever someone search for question this humming bird algorithm will check your website whether your website having related answers and structure. If everything will be good as followed by rules of google then it will show your answers in the SERP. Recent update about feature snippet is it will give fresh content automatically.

Guys here I have given information which I learnt and know. However there are more to learn and know.