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Google Ad Extensions

Hello Readers, Welcome to Digital Pavan, As We are in COVID-19 Lets Learn Something New. Marketing is to grow our business. If you are new to Digital marketing go to my website and lean now. As we learned Google Ad Goals and Ad types, now I am going to discuss Google Ad Extensions. Which is Very helpful and One of the best strategies to increase Ad Score.

What is Extension? Extensions are nothing but providing more information about our business. Why Extensions? We may have solutions for customer pain points. By providing them in Extension we can reach more customers and get good business as well.

To increase Ad Score Google Introduced Google Ad Extensions. There are 10 types of Extensions we have, they are

  1. Site link Extensions
  2. Callout Extensions
  3. Call Extensions
  4. Structured Extensions
  5. App Extensions
  6. Lead Form Extensions
  7. Message Extensions
  8. Promotion Extensions
  9. Price Extensions
  10. Location Extensions

These are 10 Google Ad Extensions we have. Let’s know about them with Examples.

Site Link Extension:

For Every Ad, we can opt these extensions. We can write about our categories in this extension. BY writing the Categories we can navigate customers to the different pages of our website/business. For Example, if you have a Digital Marketing Institute, You will have Categories like Courses, Training Modes Etc…

Site Link Google Ad Extension

Call Out Extension:

Call out Extensions shows the Value of Our Business. Which can lead to the Customers to Consume Our Service or Product. For Example Award Winning Faculty, Placement Assistance Etc…

Call Out Google Ad Extension

Call Extensions

Call Extensions are Very effective for Lead Generation. The name itself says the meaning of this google ad extension. It’s nothing but giving the Contact number so that enquires can come up.

Call Extension By Digital Pavan

Structured Extension:

In this section of Google Ad Extension, We give the detailed information of our category. For instance Courses Category we will have SEO, SMM, SEM Etc… We will show this in our Ad. By using thus extension.

Structured Google Ad Extension

App Google Ad Extension:

The Name itself says the meaning of this extension. If we have any app for our business, This Ad extension can bring more downloads for our Business. We just need to give App name and URL. We can target based on System, weather Android or IOS.

App Ad Extension

Lead Form Extension:

This is also a type of extension which can bring leads to our business. All you need to do is give a Google Form in the Ad Copy. With this Google Ad Extension You Can Generate qualified leads, Build customer lists, start a conversation

Lead Form Extension By DigitalPavan

Message Extension:

In This Extension You can create an Automated Mail. If someone send mail by using that mail ID which we give in Ad. We can send automated message saying thanks for contacting we will get back soon. However this also like Lead generation.

Message Google Ad Extension

Promotions Extension:

By looking at the name we can say that, this extension belongs to the latest promotional offers. If we have any promotional offers in our business, by using this extension we can run Ad.

Promotion Extension

Price Extension:

Price Extension is nothing but giving the Value of the product. If any changes in the price you can opt for this extension. This extension gives the value of your business to the will attract the customer.

Price Ad Extension

Location Extension

In this Extension we give Location of Our Physical Store. So that customers can come to the physical store if needed. You just have to give location by using google map. You can also give dynamic location, which means Chain of your business.

Location Extension

So guys in conclusion these are the Extensions we have, I have just provided you the basic information of Google Ad Extensions. You Can Just Go through the Google Ads to Learn about more.

Author : Pavan Kumar Samudrala