It’s no secret that Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform.
But what’s not so clear is how to use Facebook to increase your engagement.
Therefore, today we are going to provide you the 7 best Facebook algorithm hacks to improve your engagement and take it to the next level.

Boost your content

Create interesting content

Make people talk

Interact with your followers

Avoid fishing for engagement

Post more often

Post native content and keep people on Facebook

And besides, you don’t have to click a link in our bio to access the full guide or purchase a “free” course.
If you follow these instructions that we are about to give you, we promise that you will see higher levels of engagement on your Facebook page.
And if you read to the end, we’ll give you some extra advice.
So let’s get right to the point.

Facebook engagement

What is Facebook engagement?

The Facebook engagement is an engagement someone takes on your posts, so:
• Love
• Comments
• Clicks
• Actions
• Video views
… And so on will count as a commitment.
Momentarily, here are the hacks to improve your Facebook engagement.
7 hacking algorithms to increase Facebook engagement in 2021

Facebook Algorithm Hack # 1: Boost Your Content

We have a question for you: If a tree falls in a forest and there is no one to hear it, does it ring?
We are going to tell you what everyone is afraid to tell you.
If you want to increase your engagement on Facebook, you are going to have to boost your posts.

Because here is the truth:

There are currently 2 billion people on Facebook.
Also, everyone is struggling for the same 5 seconds of attention on the News Feed.
And on this news feed, guess what? Facebook favors posts with friends and family over professional content.
This means that even if you have followers on your Facebook business page, you still won’t reach most of them.
And if you’re starting from absolutely nothing, which means you have low subscribers and engagement, chances are you won’t get much attention just by posting great content.
The reality is that Facebook is no longer hurting content, on the contrary, it is businesses that need it.

But here’s the good news.
You don’t have to spend a lot of money boosting posts.
We increased our client’s posts for just $ 5, which has proven to be extremely effective in terms of increasing engagement and subscribers.
In fact, you increase your organic reach by increasing your engagement.
So if you improve your posts and everyone likes them, Facebook is more likely to show them your posts again the next time you post.
Not to mention that they may like it so much that they decide to share it with their friends and you get a viral twist on your content.
So save yourself from low engagement by dealing with the Facebook algorithm with improved posts.

Facebook Hack # 2: Create Engaging Content

Want to know what is not binding?
Fill your Facebook page with posts that have nothing to do with your audience and everything to do with your business.
We see this often with small businesses.
They create Facebook pages and start posting that their business is cool, and then they realize that it’s still only their family and friends who follow them.

Ok, that’s the problem, here’s the solution.
Facebook prioritizes posts that spark meaningful conversations and interactions with people.
So you need to post content that matches the interests and goals of your audience if you want to engage them, even if it doesn’t directly promote your business.
Because remember, you are competing for attention on Facebook first and foremost.
Once you’ve gained attention consistently, you can start promoting to your audience to monetize them.
But until then, you need to post some attention-grabbing content.
You need a hook that catches people’s attention. You need an authentic and relevant message.
And you need eye-catching images or videos that make people want to stop scrolling and digesting your content.

Facebook hack # 3: get people talking

Let us ask you something, which drink do you prefer – Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
How frequently do you cut your yard – every 2 weeks or every month?
What is your favorite social media platform – Facebook or Instagram?
Whatever your answers to these questions, our point here is that posts that get people talking will increase engagement on Facebook.

Now note that these questions are very easy to answer.
You can easily choose one of the two options that we have listed here.
It’s very different from saying “What are you going to drink today?” Or what do you think? “
Certain types of questions need more effort and analyzing power from your audience, which eventually makes it easier for them to scroll.

But by probing questions with simple answers or matching questions in your content, you increase your chances of improving your Facebook engagement.
The trick here is that you also want to be relevant to your audience and your business.
So a hair salon could take a comparison photo of two different hairstyles and ask their audience which is their favorite.
While a nutritionist can ask their audience if they prefer almonds or peanuts as a snack.
Either way, we think you understand our point here.
If you want to increase your engagement on Facebook, you need to get people talking.

Facebook Hack # 4: interact with your followers

No one likes to message someone and be left on “read”.
Don’t let people who interact with your business “read on.”
Interact with them.
Your interactions and responses will also help engage your post.
And it could also encourage more dialogue and discussion, leading to more engagement on your Facebook post.
So don’t sit down and say, “Oh, cool, I have 5 comments,” and leave it at that.
Get into the game, interact with the people who interact with you, and build relationships with your audience.

Facebook Hack # 5: Avoid Fishing For Engagement

Facebook hates posts that require engagement, like posts that start with “Comment below” and “Like this post,” because you want engagement on your posts.
These tips worked very well like 5 years ago.
But, he is now frowned upon after the news feed exploded with this type of message.
So don’t hurt your audience by asking for engagement.
Instead, create content so compelling that it’s hard for people not to hit that Like button or interact with your content.

Facebook engagement Hack # 6: Post More Often

What engagement can you get if you don’t post at all?
Probably none, right?
Well, the same applies to your post frequency.
You will likely get more engagement by posting 5 times per week than if you post once per week.
So be sure to post frequently and consistently.
But also make sure you don’t post garbage.
If you post a bunch of bad content, it can actually cause you to lose subscribers and engagement.
So, write your content carefully and choose a timeline that allows you to do it as consistently as possible.

Facebook Algorithm Hack # 7: Post-Native Content and Keep People on Facebook

Why would Facebook show your post in the News Feed if it removes people from Facebook?
Their whole business model is based on people spending as much time as possible on their platform.
That said, you probably aren’t going to increase your engagement by including links in every post or promoting your YouTube page.

Native content is proven to work best in Facebook’s algorithm.
Native content is content created solely for the purposes of the platform on which it is used,
So, for example, if you have video content, you should upload your video directly to Facebook and share it through their platform.

Doing this will result in a lot more engagement than just sharing a link to YouTube, removing people from Facebook, and sending them to their BIGGEST competitor.
Likewise, instead of linking to an article, take the main takeaways from that article.
Then break it up into a series of social media posts that can be digested on Facebook instead of an external website.
Will it keep people on Facebook longer and also help you break through their algorithm to increase your Facebook engagement?