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Content Marketing digital pavan

Content is king of Marketing, without Content there is no marketing. For Digital Marketing Content is most important.

For Content Marketing, Content should be relevant and to attract and define and ultimately to drive profitable customer action. Content should have a minimum of 300 words Per post; more than 300 words are preferable for SEO. Content with keywords helps to boost your website.

Now let’s know about Content Optimization

Content Optimization

Content optimization is the main phrase in SEO. When you upload content or when you write content there should be 300 words including headings and paragraphs etc..

At least 2000 words, By having more text google bot will read easily and bring the website in position. If you copy content from other websites google panda algorithm ban the website.

Ban= Penalize =Sandbox

To check weather content copied or not there are tools called

  1. Copyscape tool
  2. Duplichecker

Copying content is also called plagiarism

In Content marketing, while writing you should add keywords to the content so that whenever someone searches for that keyword your website will appear on the first page and first place.

Its called key word density. Lets know about

key word density

Keyword density is nothing but adding keywords in the content as per google rules the keyword density should be 2.5%.

Headings :

  • Google can read headings
  • While giving the content you can add headings
  • For one document/page you have to use only one H1 for entire article/page/content in terms of google
  • H2 can be only 2 times
  • Remaining H3,4,5,6 is up to you
  • Try to insert keyword H1 and H2

Importance of content Marketing 

By using more content with the keyword you can get more views and leads to your website. However, In the next article, I am going to talk about Search optimization techniques and factors of both On-Page and Off-Page so that you can know about more. in Conclusion, Digital marketing is an ocean lets swim 🙂

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