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This Page Is All About Digital Marketing, Here I am Going To Explain All Related Topics and Updates. It is A Ocean You need To Swim Deep To Survive. There are Some Factors are there in Digital Marketing.

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Social Media Optimization

These are Main Modules of Online Marketing. Each and Every Topic has its Own Way and Learning these Topic are Not a Big Thing. You might think Its a Big Subject to Learn But My Dear Friends Its Very Easy For that You need Some Creative Mind Which You have Already.

Digital Marketing By Digital Pavan

Google Ads Digital Pavan
Digital Marketing Digital Pavan

Types Of Ads in Google Adwords

Google Adwords The New Era Of Marketing, Lets Know it 👇👇👇 Hello, guys welcome to digital Pavan, we all know nowadays due to  COVID-19 as there is no chance of traditional marketing. But Do not worry Google introduced  Google India 6 years back. so as it is the sixth year of Google India it is […]

Free Plagiarism Detection Tools
Digital Marketing Digital Pavan

Free Plagiarism Detection Tools

Free Plagiarism Detection Tools, However There are Many Tools are there in the market but here i am providing some best tools which i go through.As Per Google Algorithms You Should Not Copy Content From Other Websites. Free Plagiarism Checking Tools 1. Dupli Checker Plagiarism Tool This is one among the foremost effective free plagiarism […]

Google Algorithm Update
Digital Marketing Digital Pavan

Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Update,On May 4th, Google began to roll out a serious update to its algorithm. They call it a “core” update because it’s an out sized change to their algorithm, which suggests it impacts tons of web sites. To give you a thought of how big the update is, just check out the image […]

Free Keyword research tools By Digital Pavan
Digital Marketing Digital Pavan

Free Keyword Research Tools

Free Keyword research tools gives you beautiful results for your business. Keyword research is the main key in SEO. If you do Perfect keyword research it means you almost completed 50% of SEO On-Page Optimization. There are Several Keyword research Providers Available for Us, But Most of the people we cannot afford that much price […]

How to get subscribers on YouTube By Digital Pavan
Digital Marketing Digital Pavan

How to get subscribers on YouTube

How to get Subscribers on YouTube.YouTube is a place where you can position yourself as an industry expert and become an educational resource when your potential customer makes their buying decision. I mean, think about it – about 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. Ignoring this active audience and not establishing yourself […]

Digital Marketing Digital Pavan

On-Page Ranking Factors

On-Page Ranking factors To Rank in Search Engines. With these Tips and by implementing these factors we can rank our website in first page at first place of search engines. Google uses about 200 different factors to rank a site. Apparently.No matter how precise this number is. The scale of it is always intimidating.Especially for […]

What are keywords by digitalpavan
Digital Marketing Digital Pavan

What are keywords and why are they important?

What are Keywords? Keywords are nothing but Search term, whatever we search in Search Engine which is Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc… Those terms are called Keywords. Keyword plays major role in Digital marketing. Whatever you take whether it is Search engine optimization (SEO) or Social Media optimization (SMO) or Those Marketing Which are Ads. […]

Content Marketing By DigitalPavan
Digital Marketing Digital Pavan

What Is Content Marketing

The Meaning Of What is content marketing, content marketing is promoting our business using content, now you think what is content. Content is nothing but the form which we use to promote our business. Content is that which we use to convey our business or product or services. The way which we use to convey […]

What is ppc by digitalapavan
Digital Marketing Digital Pavan

What Is PPC

What Is PPC What Is PPC, Pay per Click is one of the Main Module of Digital Marketing, Advertiser Pay for the click to the Ad which posted. We have several platforms for Advertising, They are Google Ad words Facebook Ads Twitter Ads Linked In Ads Bing Ads Yahoo Ads In App Ads We have […]

How To Upload Videos In YouTube
Digital Marketing Digital Pavan

How to upload videos in YouTube

This Article refers How To Upload Videos In YouTube . In Digital Marketing YouTube is also one of the main tool. From YouTube You can get more leads by just uploading videos.  But while uploading videos you have to maintain some digital marketing search engine optimization strategies like keywords, title, and description. YouTube is for […]