What Is PPC

What Is PPC

What Is PPC by digital pavan

What Is PPC, Pay per Click is one of the Main Module of Digital Marketing, Advertiser Pay for the click to the Ad which posted.

We have several platforms for Advertising, They are

  • Google Ad words
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Linked In Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Yahoo Ads
  • In App Ads

We have Different Type of Ads, They are 

  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Native Ads

To Run Ads in Any Platform we need to know about the business, And what we need from the Ads  

  • Leads
  • Website Traffic
  • Sales
  • Product and Brand Consideration
  • Brand Awareness
  • App Promotion

Based on business we have to select which type of Ad we should go for.

  • Keywords take the main part in PPC, Based On our keyword our ad will show up. 
  • In PPC we bid on Keywords based of search volume
  • So Bidding is buying that keyword and inserting in Ad format, it is totally depend on our spending
  • Similarly Budget is our spending total Ad  
  •  In Ads We can target people based on their Geo and Demographics and devices
  • Whenever a viewer clicks on our Ad Google will charge for that.
  • We also have more bid strategies and PPC is one of the strategies in Advertising
  • When we are going for PPC we have to create the Ad like when they click on the Ad we have to make them conversion also.
  • There are some rules to follow while creating Ad format.
  • Those are Headline and URL and Description should be relevant with keywords and we have to follow how many characters we should use in those three properties.

As per my understanding PPC will be in every platform of Ads which I mentioned above, Keywords are heroes in the PPC, Targeting with them based on Buyer persona and our business is Ad.

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How to upload videos in YouTube


This Article refers How To Upload Videos In YouTube . In Digital Marketing YouTube is also one of the main tool. From YouTube You can get more leads by just uploading videos.  But while uploading videos you have to maintain some digital marketing search engine optimization strategies like keywords, title, and description.

YouTube is for videos marketing, Through YouTube we can get revenue. Previously YouTube was giving revenue based on Views of Videos. But it changed recently saying that to monetize your channel you need to get 1000 Subscribers and 4000Hrs watch time then they will monetize channel and give you revenue.

How to Upload Videos in YouTube?

  1. Choose Best name For Your YouTube Channel
  2. Create Nice Logo For Channel
  3. Think about Productive Content Which Should be useful for Viewers

After collecting all information open your YouTube channel.

There are some rules & Tricks to follow while uploading Videos in Channel, They are

  • Choose Best Name for Video based on your content, there are Some Tools which through you can find best keywords. To know about keywords go to my article.
  • Second it will ask about your content whether the content belongs to Kids or not. It is a recent update from YouTube, If it is based on Kids content then you won’t get any ads in those videos after monetization.
  • Third it will ask to give tags, which is keywords, Keywords is nothing but the words we search more in search Engines. Give good keywords so that your video will get good SEO.
  • If you verify your mail, YouTube will give you option called Upload Custom Thumbnail Which through you can upload your own thumbnail.
  • In the recent update of YouTube You can upload Starting & End card to your video.
  • After completing these steps you will redirect to publish page which is you can set time, preferences which is to whom you want to show your video.
  • Now click on Publish Your Video Uploaded Successfully, from there you can share in your social media platforms.

Thanks for reading my article How To Upload Videos In YouTube , Hope article helped you. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel Crazy Creations.

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Best SEO Tools

Best SEO tools Is for search engine optimization. In Digital Marketing SEO is one the main module to know. SEO in Optimizing Website in search engines by doing some changes in our websites which are Keywords, Description, Content, Alt text, etc.. Before doing SEO we have to check our website by doing SEO Audit. To do SEO audit we have plenty tools available but here I am giving some tools which through you can get good audit report, and also you can check competitor analysis.

Best SEO Tools are

  1. UberSuggest
  2. Screaming Frog
  3. SEO Power Suite
  4. SEM Rush
  5. Ahref
  6. Moz

Here I have mentioned six best SEO tools which through you can do audit and analysis of website. In these tools some are free and some are paid. Even they are paid they give best results about SEO. … Here I am giving link so that you can directly reach to the website.

Best SEO Tools Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest best seo tool

UberSuggest Is one of the best SEO tool which is given by Neil Patel, Neil Patel is one of the Best Digital Marketer in the World, He explains each and every object of SEO in a way which through beginner’s also can get good knowledge of Digital Marketing. Ubersuggest app is free tool we have many option in this tool like Keyword finder, SEO Audit, SEO Analyzer etc

Screaming Frog

Screamingfrog best seo tool

Screaming Frog is by Matt Hopson and this is a Application which we have to download to our system. After Downloading we have to sign in using our mail so that you can send report to the Mail. This is a Best tool of SEO and especially it is for Off-Page optimization which means you can get to know that where your competitor getting back links from.  

SEO Power Suite

seo power suite bestseo tools

SEO Power Suite is also an application which you have to download in your system. It has some internal applications which through you can do good SEO. The Internal tools you have are

  1. Rank Tracker – Which is for Automatic rank tracking & keyword research
  2. SEO Spyglass – SEO Spyglass is for In-depth backlink research & anti-penalty link audit
  3. Website Auditor – Full website audit & content optimization
  4. Link Assistant – Effective link outreach & link management

It’s a free and also paid tool which means you can get some results by just longing in and some for paid.

SEM rush

sem rush by digital pavan

SEM rush is found by Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov in 2008. This tool is a paid tool but for 30days you can use it as a trail, but in trail version you cannot get all results. This is the best tool for Site Audit.

Ahref and Moz

These two tools are paid tools which are the best in industry to do SEO. It costs high but by using these tools you can do better SEO and you can analyze competitor website. Most of the people use these tools for SEO.

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks

Social Media Marketing Tips and Tricks , Social Media Is One of the main part of digital marketing. With Social Media We can approach more people out there. For every business we need to create social media pages and groups to reach more people regarding our business. We have many platforms for social media those are,

Social Media Marketing Trips and tricks By Digital Pavan
  1. Facebook
  2. Insta
  3. Twitter
  4. Snap Chat
  5. TikTok
  6. YouTube
  7. Share chat
  8. Linkedin

Based on our business we have to choose the perfect platform. But having pages and accounts in all social media platforms can bring more visitors to our website/business. If we take Facebook, We can reach all over world through Facebook. All we need to do is create Facebook page and invite your friends to like your page and ask them to share. The main thing any social media page the content should be first priority.

In Every promoting process content plays main role. The content should be more attractable. Here I am giving some tips so that your business will grow up.

Social Media Marketing Tips-01

Create Social media page and upload page profile picture and cover photo of your product or service by using alt text.

Social Media Marketing Tips-02

Add your friends to those pages or groups so that they can reach to your business

Social Media Marketing Tip-03

Ask your friends to share those pages with their friends so that it can reach more people


Before sharing it to your friends or their friends, try to add some content to it by uploading photos with alt text


Create some pictographs and graphic images so that people can attract to it.


Create some videos about your product or service and upload with attractive description


Description and images plays main role in social media marketing. So create nice description


Use hashtags to your posts, Hashtags are one of the trick to get more people to your page or post. For hashtags you have some apps in mobile or you can use hashtag generator.


Hashtags are equal to keywords, People search using hashtags in social media, if we use good hashtags whenever people search for that our post or page will appear. This is called Social Media Optimization.

These are the main tips for social media marketing. However there are more tips and tricks.

Google Algorithms

Google algorithms

What are the algorithms we have? In digital marketing there is something called Algorithms? Not only in Digital marketing, in everything there will be some algorithms. Algorithms is nothing but giving some instructions to the users about the software or system or search engines such as Google Algorithms, Bing Algorithms, Yahoo Algorithms.

These are called search engine algorithms.In this article I will discuss about google algorithms. As we know most of the people use google search engine for browsing internet. As a Website Developer or Content Writer or a Digital Marketer we need to know about those algorithms. What are the Google Algorithms we have?

I know major Algorithms which I am going to mention here.

  1. Google Panda
  2. Penguin
  3. Pigeon
  4. Exact Match Domain
  5. Humming Bird

Google panda

Google algorithm panda by digital pavan

Panda Is the One of the Google Algorithm introduced by google for content purpose. This algorithm check the content of a website or blog whether it is in appropriate or copied. Which means when we create content that could should be very unique. It should not have any type of pluggersim. If your website having any pluggersim it will penalize your website and it will give you notification saying that change the content as per the panda guidelines.

Penguin Algorithm

Penguin algorithm by digital pavan

Penguin algorithm is the one of the google algorithm for back links which means its belongs to off-page optimization. This algorithm says you should bring back links from relevant websites with high authority also you should not bring back links by sharing process. If you bring back links from low authority or from irrelevant websites this algorithm will block and reduce your ranking.

Pigeon Algorithm

pigeon algorithm by digital pavan

This google algorithm it’s All about Local results in search engine. It will show nearby or location based websites. For example if you search plumbers near me it will show particular location website. Whenever you search any query, it will give nearby websites on the top of the search engine result page. Based on the location listed in your profile. To get results in location you have to be in local listing such as google my business, OLX, Just dial. This Algorithm check whether your profile is having proper location or not and whether you have implemented all the rule and regulation given by search engine or not.

Exact Match Domain

Previously google considering keyword in domain. If you have keyword in your URl it was giving ranking to your website. Then they realized, if they have no matter but if website not having any content belongs to it. It says if you use EMD in your domain, We will give ranking but we will check whether the content belongs to the given keyword or not then only google will give ranking. If not your ranking will go down.

Humming Bird

humming bird algorithm by digital pavan

This google algorithm is for featured snippet. Whenever someone search for question this humming bird algorithm will check your website whether your website having related answers and structure. If everything will be good as followed by rules of google then it will show your answers in the SERP. Recent update about feature snippet is it will give fresh content automatically.

Guys here I have given information which I learnt and know. However there are more to learn and know.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Benefits of Digital Marketing , Digital Marketing Is one of the best course now a days. However there are lot more courses available but why to choose Digital Marketing?

Now a days every business need digital marketer. Because people in older days they used to go to traditional marketing, But after spending lot of money and manpower they used to get low leads to their business. But with digital marketing they are getting lot of benefits. What are they?

  1. Less Manpower
  2. Low Budget
  3. More Leads
  4. Brand Awareness
  5. Targeting with Different platforms.

How the above things comes under benefits of digital marketing?

Benefits of Digital Marketing By Digital Pavan

About Man Power:

Previously while using traditional marketing we used to recruit more people to promote our product or service by doing marketing. For example pamphlet distributors etc…But after Digital marketing entered in industry man power changed. It is also same as traditional marketing but we use digital platforms for promoting our product by making digital banners.

About Low Budget:

While doing traditional marketing we used to spend lot of money to reach our product or service to more people. Even after that we used to reach very less people and also we do not have tracking for our budget and leads. But in Digital marketing that becomes benefit. It has given many platform to run Ads about our product/service. For Example Google Ad words and we also have social media where we can promote and reach more members around the world.

About More Leads:

The most benefit of digital marketing is we can get more leads by using social media platforms. Such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter and YouTube. By just creating page and posting productive content in social media we can reach more people and we can get more leads with that.

Brand Awareness:

Brand Awareness is one of the benefits of digital marketing. In digital marketing we have promoting platforms, with that platforms by just sharing and posting in different platforms we can get brand awareness. In addition we have ad platforms we can reach more people around our city by spending less money. It will reach too many people. Just impression in Digital marketing is enough to get brand awareness but we need creative content.

Targeting with Different Platforms:

The benefit of digital marketing we have is we can target clients using different platforms such as social media platforms. In social media we have many platforms in those platforms by boosting our pages or websites we can target customers by age, gender, location, interests, education, profession.

We have many more benefits of digital marketing, I have given only few information. However we can discuss more about that.

Thanks for coming and reading my article. If you like my article please support and share my articles and share knowledge.

Best Digital Marketing institutes In Bengaluru

Digital Marketing is promoting product or service using digital platforms. Nowadays there are lots of booming Courses which through we can get job. In those courses Digital marketing is one of the best courses for people who have coding phobia like me. Digital Marketing also having some kind of coding which is belongs to HTML. But people can easily learn HTML easily it’s very simple and easy to learn.

Digital Marketing By Digital Pavan

With Digital Marketing we have lot of chances and ways to earn money. Those are

  • Job
  • Freelancing
  • You tuber
  • Blogger
  • Website Designing using Word press (CMS)
  • Influencer

All you have to do is to learn Digital Marketing with live experience then you can learn and earn. For Bengaluru people they have lot of chances to get job for fresher.  Bengaluru is known for IT Hub, Where it has all IT Sectors including International Companies like Wells forgo.  There are lots of Best Digital Marketing Institutes available in Bengaluru. But As I researched here I am giving some information about best digital marketing institutes in Bengaluru.

Courses You Learn In Below Institutes:

  • SEO
  • SMM
  • SEM
  • SMO
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Absence
  • ORM
  • Google Analytics
  • Webmaster tool
  • SEM Rush

Indras Academy

Indras Academy is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Bengaluru. I personally suggest Indras Academy Because I learnt Digital Marketing there. Owner and Tutor of academy Mr.Indra the Way of his teaching towards students is really appreciable. In Addition They concentrate on each and every student personally until student get full pledged knowledge about Digital Marketing. They teach on live projects.

Branches they have in Bengaluru: Indira nagar, BTM Layout, OBR LayoutNIDM ( National Institute Of Digital Marketing )


NIDM ( National Institute Of Digital Marketing )

National Institute of digital marketing is the one of the best digital marketing institute in Bengaluru which is located in koramangala.  They will teach each and every module with live examples so that we can learn practical knowledge. However They help you in job searching also.

Branches they have In Bengaluru: Koramangala, BTM Layout

Digital Kora

Digital Kora is also a best digital marketing institute in Bengaluru. institute is Famous for Placements. They Teach Each and Every Student With a Concept and Strategies. So that Every Student Get placed or can start a Business. With Daily 1 hour class and 4 Hours Practical, They Cover Almost 30 modules of Digital Marketing.

Branches they have: Marathalli, BTM Layout, RT Nagar, Electronic City, Malleswaram, Nagarbavi, jayanagar, vijayanagar, Kalian Nagar, Tirupati

Above All Institutes are Visited by my self and For Your Information I am Giving These 3 Best Digital Marketing Institutes In Bengaluru.

However There are Lot more Institutes In Bengaluru Where You Can Learn Digital Marketing.

What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is Promoting Product or Service Using Digital Platforms.

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional Marketing is Promoting Product or Service Using Traditional Platforms.

Traditional Marketing Strategy :

  1. Pamphlets: Pamphlets are like an Advertisement on a Quality Paper. They include all Offers and Discounts they have on Their Product or Service. They Hire Some People to Distribute Those Pamphlets to the People Out Side of the School/College/Offices Etc…
  2. TV Advertisement: Advertising Their Product Using Celebrities by Shooting Creative Ad and Telecasting on TV.
  3. Newspaper: Using Creative Newspaper Ads Based On their Budget.
  4. Banners & Hoardings:  To Grab Costumers Attention they put Creative Hoardings Besides the roads and Placards, Banners on the roads Therefore They Get Costumers attraction.
  5. Customer Requirements: In Other Words  Reaching Customer and Knowing About What They Need and What are The Requirements They Have to Promote Business

Pros and Cons Of Traditional Marketing:


  • In Traditional Marketing We can reach out Local Audience Easily
  • Material Which Use for promotions Can be Recycled
  • We can Make Understand Our Strategy to Client Easily
  • Through Hard Copies, We can Recollect What We Did and When


  • Time Consuming
  • Lots Of Manpower
  • No Proper Tracking of Leads
  • More Budget With fewer Leads

However, there is More If we talk about them. So Now Let’s talk about Digital Marketing and How We Can Do Marketing Using Digital Platforms.

So Digital Marketing Is a Way Of Marketing Where We Can Target People Based On their Geography and Demography and Behavior Etc…

After 19th Century People Updated In All Of Their Daily Activities. What Changed In Our Daily Activities?

Let’s Take the Example Of Eating Habit. In the 19th Century, People Used to Eat At Time, They Used to Maintain a Time with Healthy Food. Then in the 20th Century What Changed?

In the 20th Century, We Started Using Digital Missions Such As Telephone, Electric Cocker, Digital TV, Laptop Etc. Time also Changed Instead Of Meeting Directly We started Video Calling, Instead Of Cooking We started Swigging. Their Marketing People Started Doing Digital Marketing.  Where We Do Digital Marketing?

  • If Suppose Client has Website and He Is Not Appearing In Search engine At First Page LikeWise First Place.
  • There We Do Search Engine Optimization Which is Optimizing Website to Get Rank in Search engine.
  • Optimization Is Doing little Changes In Websites like On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization
  • Thereafter We Do Digital Marketing Through Social Engaging Platforms
  • It’s Called Social Media Marketing

Social Media Platforms :

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn

There are more Social Media Platforms Where We can Do Marketing. In Social Media, We can Target People As I mentioned above Geographic and Demographics Similarly Behavior Using Ads. Certainly Now You Will Get another Question what is Ads?

In the Previous Article, I Talked About Social Media Marketing and Ads. There You Can Read About Social Media Marketing and Funnel Of Facebook Ads.

Digital Marketing Pros and Cons:


  • Target Selected Costumers
  • Invest As Per Need
  • Track Leads From Where, How We are getting
  • Get More Engagements
  • Quick Brand Awareness

However, Seriously Digital Marketing has No Cons except We Cannot Make Understand Quickly to the Costumer that What We are Doing. Data Saving may be the Problem Sometimes We may lose because of Virus, In Other Words, We may lose Data

But Thanks for Reading My Articles. In My Next Article, I will Talk about Google Ads and As Well As How to Run Campaign in Google Ads.  

Author: Pavankumar.S

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Digital Pavan

Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing In Other Words marketing products or services using social media platforms. There are different types of social media platforms are there.

Type Of Social Media Marketing Channels :

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. Pinterest
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Google Plus

There are a lot more social media platforms available nowadays. By just using them we are connecting with people all over the world with few clicks. Digital Marketers take it as marketing platforms and they started marketing there product/Service using these Social Media.

Let’s talk about each of them how we can promote our business using them. For all social media marketing platforms which have ads. The process of running ads will be the same.

Facebook Marketing :

Facebook is a social media platform developed by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. A few months people started using it and it hits the downloads all over the world. Because With Facebook, we can connect with everyone. how we can use this as a Marketing platform?

On Facebook, we do have our friends and they have there friends vice-verse. Moreover Facebook Have Limit For Friends. If you post something on Facebook it will reach all your friends Likewise it may reach all over the world based on your privacy settings. By seeing this Zukerberg introduced Facebook Ads which through you can post ads on Facebook.

So Now Let’s know how to create Ads

Using Social Media Marketing.

  • To-Do Facebook Ads First you should have Account in Facebook which is free
  • Facebook has a Limit For Friends
  • By creating a page for business you can reach more people
  • You can sell products by using the Facebook market place. It is a newly introduced option for business people.

Process :

  • Open Facebook Account
  • Go to Your Created Page
  • Below On The Left Hand Side, You Will See Visit Ad Centre
  • It Will Takes You to the Ad Centre Where You Can Create Ads For Your Business Page.
  • Click On Create Ad
  • Now Set Tracking Of Your Ad Through Pixel Which Is Tracking Tool Avail on Facebook.
  • All You Need to Do Is Click On Three Bars Beside Page Text
  • Download Pixels
  • After That Open Your Word Press Website and Login to Admin
  • In Plugins Upload Downloaded File
  • Click on Activate
  • Open Facebook Click on Pixel
  • Give Your Website URL
  • Active and Continue.

After that Process In Ads Manager Click on Create & Guided Creation. You can see Create Campaign Page. Select Campaign as per Your Goal 



  1. Brand Awareness
  2. Reach


  1. Traffic
  2. Engagement
  3. App Installs
  4. video views
  5. lead generation
  6. Messages


  1. Conversion
  2. Catalog Sales
  3. Store Traffic

So In This Article, I am going to talk about Lead Generation through Social Media Marketing.

After Selecting Lead Generation in the above Object in Facebook Ads The process Firstly

  • Give Your Campaign Name Which through You Can Track In Future

After That Creative Split.

  • A/B Test You Create Placement Audience and Delivery Optimization Strategy.

Click On Continue. Setup Ad Account


  • Select Your Country, Currency, Time,
  • Ad Account Set Name and Click On Continue

Choose Your Facebook Page which you want to run Ad for. After That Step Is

  • Dynamic Creative: It’s For Facebook It Scale As per Your Page
  • Catalog – Select Catalog If you have From Drop Down


Audiences Are Whom You Want to Target. There will be three Types of Audiences In Facebook Ads.

  1. Known Audience – Already Visited Your Page Or Searched For
  2. Custom – Custom File With Data
  3. Look Like Audience- Same Behavior Type People

Selected As Per Your Comfortable and Goal.

Detailed Targeting:

This IS to SayTargeting Costumes Based On For Example

  1. Demographic-
  2. Age.
  3. Gender.
  4. Race.
  5. Marital status.
  6. Number of children (if any)
  7. Occupation.
  8. Annual income.
  9. Education level, Etc……
  10. Interests
  11. Entertainment
  12. Business Industry
  13. Family Relations
  14. Fitness And Wellness
  15. Food
  16. Hobbies
  17. Shopping
  18. Fashion, Etc…….
  19. Behavior
  20. Digital Activities
  21. Device Users, Etc…..

You Can Exclude Or Narrow Audiences. Save Audiences.


Connections In Other words Targeting Based On Your Facebook Pages and Apps Like Wise Events.


Types In Placements.

  1. Automatic – Facebook Show Your Ads As Per Possibility.
  2. Edit – You Can Show Your Ad In these Places
  3. Facebook – In Facebook Timeline
  4. Instagram – In Insta
  5. Audience Network – Out Side Of Facebook
  6. Messenger – In Messenger
  7. Stories – In Stories
  8. In-stream – In Videos
  9. Contextual Spaces
  10. Apps and Sites.

Budget & Schedule:

  1. Optimization For Ad Delivery – Based On Selection
  2. Cost Control – Give the Amount Per Lead Or Conversion
  3. Budget Schedule – Daily Budget – ThereFore Give Amount How Much You Want to Spend
  4. Lifetime/Monthly Budget – Give Amount How Much You want to Spend
  5. Actual Amount Spend Per Day May Vary
  6. Run Ad Set Today
  7. Set Start And End Date
  1. Payment
  2. Delivery Type – In Other Words How You want To Show Deliver Ad – But I recommend Standard(Recommended)

After That Most Importantly Now Comes the Part of Ads Which Is Preparing Ad, let’s know About Is Step By Step

  • Identity – FB Page Like Wise Insta Page
  • Format:
  • Carousel – Two Or More Scrollable Images or Video
  • Single Image Or Video
  • Ad Creative:
  • Select Images
  • HeadLine
  • Description
  • Primary Text
  • Call To Action
  • Branded Content – Select Your Business Partner or Tag that Page
  • Instant Form:
  • Form Types – a) More Volume b) High Interact
  • Intro – a) Use Image b) Upload
  • Questions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Thank You Screen
  • Button type
  • Button Text
  • Website Link

After Completion Of All the above steps recheck the Ad and save and Continue.

By Above All Now You Successfully Learnt How to do Social Media Marketing Using Facebook Ads. In Addition Of This Article In Previous Articles, I talked about SEO Go through It Therefore You Can learn SEO    

Thanks for Reading My Articles, However, I Am Happy to Share My little Knowledge with You All. Share and Spread the Blog and Share the Knowledge.      

Off-Page Optimization For SEO

Hi readers, I am Pavankumar back again with a new article. In our previous article, we discussed Off-Page Optimization For SEO and Back-Link Submissions. In that, we have 7 more to talk about. Let’s learn them.

we learned about below submissions.

  1. Search Engine Submissions
  2. Directory Submissions
  3. Social Bookmarking
  4. Classifieds
  5. Web 2.0 Submission

Let’s talk about the remaining submissions. Those are

  1. Blog Commenting
  2. Forum Submission
  3. Article Submission
  4. Press Release Submission
  5. PDF Submission
  6. Image Sharing
  7. Video Submission

Blog Commenting for Off-Page Optimization:

Blog Commenting is nothing but commenting on Blog websites with Our Website and Landing page URLs using hyperlinks. We should Comment in only Do follow Websites so that we can get a backlink. If you Comment No Follow Websites then you will not get the Back-Link. To do Blog commenting you have to maintain below XL sheet so that you can track them accordingly which is where you Posted and Which landing page URL you have given and etc..

  • Prepare at least 50 Effective comments based on Your Product or Service saying about them.
  • Choose a relevant category to comment
  • Give HyperLink into the Content so that visitors can come to your website
  •  You can Search relevant blogs using below method
  • In search bar type Category: leave a comment
  • In Category Give your requited Category name
  • For Example Digital Marketing: Leave a Comment
  • In some Blogs, they will not provide a hyperlink option to give.
  • If you get such type of issues go to another blog to comment
  • You can still Comment even without hyperlink option, But I suggest to go for another blog to comment instead of doing that.
  • Sometimes Blog Owners have to approve your comments.

Article Submission for Off-Page Optimization:

Article Submission is nothing but submitting articles in article submissions sites with effective content. To do this submission you need a good article with keywords inserted and more words with effective writing. There are some rules to follow while preparing an article.

How to prepare an article?

  • Article Title – 150 to 160 Characters
  • Short  Description – 150 to 200 words
  • Use keywords but do not allow keyword stuffing
  • Body of Content – 500 words minimum
  • About Author – 200 Words

 For article submission, you need to follow them to get back-link from article sites. Register to article site websites and submit your article in it. If you have 50 article sites then those 50 articles sites are for a lifetime. Weekly one article is preferred.

Article submission for Off-Page Optimization by digitalpavan

Forum Submission for Off-Page Optimization:

Forum is nothing but discussion forum, You need to find forum sites For Instance Quora, Yahoo, Worrier, etc… You just need to sign on those websites and give answers and discuss related to your product or service or blog by giving links to your website. By doing this you can get traffic to your website. Give answers effectively and attract them with your answer, use good content. Use the XL sheet to track about which site you have answered and which landing page and which details used for logging in.

Forum Submission site for Off-page Optimization by Digitalpavan

Press Release Submission for Off-Page Optimization:

A press release is nothing but announcements, all you have to do is find press release websites and login to those websites and post the press release. Press releases are like which product or service you are releasing or which offer you are going to release etc… Use the XL sheet to track which post and which website and which login details you have used so that you can get to know how many back-links you are getting and as well as on which date you have posted. 50 Press release websites you should maintain and weekly One PR for one website after that go for another.

There is a Format to write Press Release

  • Headline / Title – 150-160Characters
  • Short Description – 200 Characters
  • Body of Content   – 200-300 Words

To Post Press Release Submissions you need to follow to above format so that you will get good traffic and back-links to your website.

PDF Submission for Off-Page Optimization:

PDF submission is nothing but Creating Effective content and saving as PDF and Uploading it in submission sites. These are very effective and powerful also best practice Off-Page OPtimization for SEO.  All you have to do is Create PPT or Slide share Using good content with keywords and you can add images by using at text and Give your website hyperlink which you want reader/costumer land, save that PPT as PDF and Post it in PDF submission sites by logging in. Moreover, you just need to find 15 best do follow PDF submission Sites. In Slide, share go to account setting =>in personal details => Enter your Website URL. By this, you will get one backlink. Use the XL sheet to track.

Image Sharing:

Image Sharing is the one more effective Off-Page Optimization for SEO All you need to do in this image sharing is find Image sharing websites such as Tumblr and Sign up in those websites and post images and required keyword with a link by selecting a keyword from description and post. Use the XL sheet to track.

Image Sharing for Off-Page Optimization by digitalpavan


All you need to do is find Video sharing websites such as YouTube and create quality content in those videos about your product or services and upload. In the description give information about your website what and all you provide which based on product or service and give brief about them and Use keywords in the description as well as in tags and upload. in addition, use the XL sheet to track.

So readers in conclusion now we have completed Off-Page optimization and Submissions to get back-links. If you are new here go to my previous articles to know about remaining submissions. Similarly, In my next article, I will talk about some more on On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

However, above all thank you for each and everyone for reading and following my article. importantly My motto of writing blog is to share my knowledge with you all. So, therefore, guys get the knowledge and share the knowledge.

Author: Pavankumar.S