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    Off-Page Optimization For SEO

    Hi readers, I am Pavankumar back again with a new article. In our previous article, we discussed Off-Page Optimization For SEO and Back-Link Submissions. In that, we have 7 more to talk about. Let’s learn them. we learned about below submissions. Search Engine Submissions Directory Submissions Social Bookmarking Classifieds Web 2.0 Submission Let’s talk about the remaining submissions. Those are Blog Commenting Forum Submission Article Submission Press Release Submission PDF Submission Image Sharing Video Submission Blog Commenting for Off-Page Optimization: Blog Commenting is nothing but commenting on Blog websites with Our Website and Landing page URLs using hyperlinks. We should Comment in only Do follow Websites so that we can…

  • Off-Page Optimization By DigitalPavan

    Off-Page Optimization

    Hi readers, I am Your Digitalpavan back again with a new article from Search Engine Optimization. In our previous article, we talked about all the possible ways and factors of On-page optimization. In this article, we will discuss Off-page optimization. Getting back-links and guest blogging called Off-page optimization. Getting back-links which means people should come to your website from other website is called back-link. Rules to Follow for Off-Page Optimization A link which receiving it should be a relevant category Wherever you are getting the link, that web site should have high-authority Penguin Algorithm says if you bring backlink from low authority website, then your website also will get low…

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    On-page Optimization For SEO

    Hi readers, I am your Digital Pavan back again with the article, Previously we were talking about Search Engine Optimization and We done with two parts. Now I am here again with another part of On-page Optimization. Let’s know about it. In On-page Optimization Schema Markup is one of the techniques for optimizing your website. What is Schema Markup in On-page Optimization? Schema Markup is nothing but giving reviews and ratings to snippet our website from our website. And it’s a set of code which should be implemented to the website. By clicks, we can increase CTR (click-through rate ). Let’s know about how to implement this Schema Markup in…

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    Sitemap and Robot.txt For Search Engine Optimization

    Hi readers, I am Your Digital Pavan back again with Article. In the previous article, we were talking about Search Engine Optimization and we discussed some part of it in that Article, let’s continue that here. In Search Engine Optimization, There are some processes which we have to do Sitemap Robot.txt Let’s talk about each of them now Sitemap : The sitemap is nothing but giving a navigation map to the bots as well as the user. Navigation which means which page should read first and second and etc… There are two types of Sitemaps we should give to the website for better Search Engine Optimization. They are XML Sitemap…

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    Search Engine Optimization Process

    Hi readers, I am Pavankumar back again with New Article. As I Said in the previous article that I will talk about Search engine optimization Process in my next article, Here we go. What is Search Engine Optimization? Search Engine Optimization : It is nothing but optimizing our website on the first page at first position in search engines. Optimization means changing the factors of the Search engine by following its rules and Applying techniques. What are the types of Search Engines? There are many search engines available in our world but most of the people in India or other countries use Google Bing Yahoo These search engines are having…

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    Content Marketing and ContentOptimization- by digital pavan

    Hi, Readers I am digital pavan back again with a new article called Content optimization and Content Marketing. Lets know about it Clearly. Content is king of Marketing, without Content there is no marketing. For Digital Marketing Content is most important. For Content Marketing, Content should be relevant and to attract and define and ultimately to drive profitable customer action. Content should have a minimum of 300 words Per post; more than 300 words are preferable for SEO. Content with keywords helps to boost your website. Now let’s know about Content Optimization Content Optimization Content optimization is the main phrase in SEO. When you upload content or when you write…